A beginners list to Anime

The following list comprises of a few anime from different genres, so that the viewer can experience how vast the anime universe can be. I hope that even those who have watched quite a few shows can also get something out of this list.

Usagi drop

the struggles of juggling between parenthood and adult life, raising a child is not easy, but the joys that come with it cannot be exchanged for anything else. Usagi drop, does a great job at showing how happiness exists everywhere, even in the simple parts of life. Being a slice of life anime, this anime stands out with its unique art style and tranquility that is present from start to finish. I consider this my ” relaxing anime” during a rough period in my life. The purity and cuteness just has a way of calming any bad feelings within me, For those who aren’t really into slice of life, I still suggest this anime, maybe it would change your mind.

Although I have heard that in the manga the story ends in a twisted manner after a time skip, I’m just going to stick to the anime and live in this little bubble world and admire the sweet and innocent relationship between a father and a daughter that Usagi drop potrays.

Akatsuki no yona

akatsuki no Yona is an action-adventure anime with fantasy elements and a good amount of romance (and hot characters). For now, there are not too many plot twists as there are still some unanswered questions in the anime (hoping for a season two) but the ones that do exist, are positioned well. The anime depicts a spoiled brat who gets everything from her father, but then due to certain events and circumstances, the girl embarks on an adventure with the handsome Son Hak. The show draws a few elements from Korean history, creating a fantastical setting in a possible reversed Harem Universe

Hataraku Maou-sama

Definitely not the funniest anime out there, but still a great start for a beginner due to its simple plot. The show bases its comedy on social commentary depicted through exaggerated scenarios about the world. Each episode is based on the day to day drama we all deal with, just a comedic twist involving other worldly characters such as the devil, and a hero who was destined to execute him. Although based in Japan, I think the scenarios are relatable everywhere, and honestly, if you are not in the mood to analyse each dialog or stare too hard into the innuendo, the slapstick humour is enough. I like my demons, and Maou-sama is an awesome demon.

Paradise kiss

Paradise kiss is a good example of a jose anime. The art and story line deviates from the traditional norms of anime, thus more appealing to new viewers. apart from the plots of jealousy, co-dependence and broken relationships, the show touches on aspects of sex in a mature manner which is rare. It’s almost like watching a drama, but an anime version, with easy to love eccentric characters. Paradise kiss can be thought provoking, and far from cheery, rather, it can be depressing. The flow of the show is for a mature crowd, bitter sweet and satisfying.

Cats eye

Cats Eye is quite an old anime in terms of art style, however this type of art style has its own beauty to it. The anime is about three sisters who try to find their artist father causing them to live a double life- a family of three running a coffee shop during the day, and the infamous Cats Eye at night that the cops just cannot catch. It’s not as heavy as it sounds, the series is filled with comedy and feel good moments, personally I even forgot what the main objective was while watching these three beautiful women go about their business at night. I suggested this one because I think that beginners should be exposed to older anime and the approach creators had then. These not so new pieces of work outshine a lot of the newer ones.


For people who do not like sports in general, haikyuu might get you hooked on the anime version of sport (I am a perfect example). It’s a simple show about goals and perseverance. What makes it so good is the way the creators were able to take that simple story line and amplify it creating an intense, emotional yet light hearted master piece. Haikyuu creates a space where the viewer feels as if though they are a part of the anime, attending practice and competing in tournaments. the characters are hard not to love, entertaining us with their adorable facial expressions.

Full metal alchemist (brother hood)

this show is one of my relatively longer suggestions, with 51 episodes, but every episode is worth it, the show will be over, and you will be sitting there crying for more. This is a shounen anime, therefore there are a lot of fighting and friendship orientated themes apart from the main brotherhood theme ( real brothers). However, it is a story with depth, and a great soundtrack. the show places an emphasis on the bond between the two main characters who are brothers. FMA is good for those who are certain that they want to watch Naruto or one piece or any of the goldies later, just because it’s a little long but not too long, and has a shounen vibe to it, but still has some elements that can only be found in FMA. JUST WATCH IT!!!!


This post is an edited version of on of my older posts from my first blog, which no longer exists. I thought the content would be useful therefore I decided to re-use it.

Happy reading.

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