I’m not like other girls

Heeeey, how are you?

You want to know something about me?

I think chicken nuggets are fucking lame, I’d rather spend my money on a KFC Zinger box meal.

Oh, I cuss as well, think of all the bad words you know, I say it!

Did I mention? Starbucks is sugar water with cream, rather not waste money on that.

MOST of my friends are guys.

I haven’t seen the sun all week, I’ve been holed up at home, gaming and binge watching anime.

Darn, is that a pizza? Dibs on every piece!

Oh, you think I’m cool? Why thank you!

It’s you again! How have you been?

I’m out here enjoying some fresh air, my friends are watching soccer, I hate watching sports.

These heals are killing me, but I look good in them, so I’ll stay here, confident on the expense of aching feet.

I don’t really like coffee, but a cup of tea would do me good.

Have you met my best friend? She’s the coolest person I know, she’s a girl.

I’ve spent this whole week partying every night, I think I’m going to die of alcohol poisoning.

Oh no thank you, no pizza for me today, I’m cleansing, healthy eating healthy living.

Huh? What, you think I’m not cool now? But I’m still the same girl you met last week!

Okay, I see it baffles you that my “classification” of “girl” doesn’t make sense. I mean, a girl can either be about the glitz and glamour, or a sloth in pajamas, it’s blasphemy to be both!

Let me explain, No matter how I try to stray away from typicality, I will always be typical. Watching anime makes me a typical Otaku, devouring good food makes me a typical glut.  Either way, I will be typical, and not liking anything makes me a typical bitter soul. what any of these do not make me though, is a typical girl- There’s no such thing.

None of us are the same! yet we are all the same at the same time– contradictions of the stereotypes we are expected to fall in, trying to love ourselves in this world that constantly requires us to prove our worth as a woman, since woman/female/girl for as long as we know, has been a  synonym for inferiority.

I’m not meant to fit into the different stereotypes out there, none of us are. I’m meant to be me.


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