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I wrote a long post for this week, and I was ready to upload it after a few touch ups. The post was my second part to whether starting a blog is a good idea or not…

Turns out, I lost it.

I’ve searched everywhere on my computer, every folder and sub folder, recycle bin and PDF (you never know, I could have converted it by mistake) , still, nothing. I probably didn’t save it after the last edit, which was basically the first time typing it out.

lessons to be learnt:

1.When “saving” actually click save, and make sure it has been saved!

2.Save under correct name and folder, making it easier to find later on.

I don’t have anything to post this week, since I’m genuinely not in the mood to rewrite- I was pretty happy with the original and I am unable to replicate that…I will have to squeeze out some brain juice




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